Player, Coach and Volunteer Registration Information

Player Payment Policy - No Pay No Play

Welcome to the 2019 season - First Game March 17th at home 

Please click on the link to register at Play Football (new system).  You will need your email address and a passport type photo.  There are two (2) options for payment, online and direct debit.  Please remember payment must be made before the first game!

For Juniors it does appear, on the Play Football page that we don't have 12-18 year football, I assure you we DO.  Just click on the "start registration" and options will appear.    To REGISTER click here:

Any issues please contact:

Registrar - Julie Humphreys - 0427 087 003  email: 

Pay by credit card online or electronic funds transfer to

Myrtleford Savoy Soccer Club - 

ANZ Bank BSB 013749  Account: 458297133  Ref: FFA Number

Junior & Senior Players - Register & Pay online - Open March - Closed June within AWFA district - 15 July external

AWFA Junior and Senior Competition - Fees 2019

NO Pay NO Play  - Policy

Costs include 22 AWFA competition games plus finals, insurance & MSSC Club membership.

Juniors U11's to U18's - $190.00

Fulltime Student (University/TAFE) - $200 (copy student card required)

All age $290.00

Family discount on third dependent child ½ price.

Training Times, Draw and Game Times information on home page.

It is mandatory for all new players to confirm Id and dob

New Junior: copy of bith certificate or extract or passport documents

New Senior: copy of drivers licence or passport documents

MSSC Age Group Policy: Player Assessment Policy


MSSC Parent information

A practical guide to help parents & children new to the game of soccer. 


MSSC Member Protection Officer & Regulations

Member Protection Officer: 

The MSSC Member Protection Policy go to Rules & Regulations click here: MSSC Rules & Regulations